Forestville Tennis Centre, in partnership with Tennis Australia, has incorporated the ANZ Hot Shots program of tennis development for young players into our junior coaching programs. Many of you will have seen adverts on the television or in magazines for this program...let us show you why it is so different and so successful...

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ANZ Hot Shots Program

The ANZ Hot Shots program has revolutionised the way children are taught to play tennis all the way around the world and has been endorsed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the USTA, LTA (UK), through Europe and Canada.

There are 3 progressive stages or skill development pathway to the ANZ Hot Shots program which are represented by 3 different colours - red, orange and green.  Although we do put age recommendations for each stage... these are only guidelines and what age a child reaches each stage on the pathway is dependent on many factors, including what age they started at, how often they play and their natural ability.   

Hot Shots is designed to get children playing the game and having fun from their very first session.

What is Different?

A modified, smaller court, lighter racquets,  use of low-compression red, orange and green tennis balls for each stage.  As the children progress along the pathway the court size increases, the racquets get bigger and the balls gradually increase in compression. The slower balls give players much more time to prepare their shots and movement to the ball, hit the ball at the correct height or in their "comfort zone" and therefore rallying easier to control and making tennis easier to play.  

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About Forestville Tennis Centre

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