Results - FTC SPRING CHAMPIONSHIPS (11/11/2018)

 On Sunday the 11th of November, Forestville Tennis hosted it's Spring Championships. Open to all students past and present and to residents of Forestville and Killarney Heights, 56 players took to the courts in an awesome display of effort and enthusiasm! Thanks to all the players and parents for their support and sportsmanship throughout the day!

 8&Under Red Ball (Results - Top 10)

1. Noah Safarian. 2. Lachlan Jansen. 3. Henry Stone. 4. Mitchell Tapper. 5. Toby Smith . 6. Aaron Zhang. 7. Charlie Spence. 8. Matheus Wong. 9. Harry Yun. 10. Owen Campbell  


10 & Under Orange Ball (Top 10)

1. Kai Harris. 2. David Kent. 3. Lachlan Tapper. 4. Olivia Byers. 5. Shayan Eshraghi. 6. Jessica Spence. 7. Nicholas Walther. 8. Zac Vardanega. 9. Kieran Yu. 10. Will Arthur


12 & Under Green Ball (Top 10)

1. Jake Schendel. 2. Freya Lugg. 3. Jack Hird. 4. Marianne Baudin. 5. Noah Miller. 6. Dane Bugge. 7. Sam Arcus. 8. Lucas Wong. 9. Nicholas Brown. 10. Mason Godsell 


16 & Under Yellow Ball (Top 10)

1. Benjamin Casey. 2. Matthew Booker. 3. Patrick Mason. 4. Arthur Marie. 5. Tom Ryan. 6. Connor Lambert. 7. Shannon McKnight. 8. Benjamin Hackney. 9. Geoffrey Qin. 10. Anna Colquhoun


Previous Events

FTC Winter Championships - Sunday 19th August, 2018

On Sunday the 19th of August, Forestville Tennis hosted it's Winter Championships. 79 players took to the courts in an awesome display of effort and enthusiasm! Thanks to all the players and parents for their support and sportsmanship throughout the day!

8&Under Red Ball (Results - Top 12 only)

1. Henry Stone. 2. Matari Webster. 3. Jonas Satterthwaite. 4. Mitchell Tapper. 5. Noah Safarian. 6.Lachlan Jansen. 7. Gabrielle Chan. 8. Elijah De Fina. 9. William Macarian. 10. Ruby Ahern. 11. Charlie Spence. 12. Kyran Lin.


10&Under Orange Ball (Results - Top 12 Only)

1. Kai Harris. 2. Toby Hansen. 3. Olivia Byers. 4. Reuben Rappoport. 5. Darren Lin. 6. Charlie Glancy. 7. David Kent. 8. Jessica Spence. 9. Matias Ponce. 10. Charlotte Sauvage. 11. Jared Lin. 12. Shayan Eshraghi.


12&Under Green Ball (Results - Top 12 Only)

1. Oscar Hansen. 2. Freya Lugg. 3. Jake Schendel. 4. Dibu Li. 5. Marty Harvey. 6. Ted Sheedy. 7. Kaya-Gabriel Koksel. 8. Nicholas Brown. 9. Jake Warden. 10. Toby Gandillet. 11. Owen Moulds. 12. Jonathan Choy.


 16&Under Yellow Ball (Results - Top 12 Only)

 1. Benjamin Casey. 2. Delfina McAuley. 3. Geoffrey Qin. 4. Luke McAuley. 5. Callum Edmiston. 6. Anna Colquhoun. 7. Maxwell Zoldos. 8. Shannon McKNight. 9. Ricky Wong. 10. Ben Gray. 11. Marcus Wong. 12. Lachlan Gilroy.


Congratulations to the Top 8 Players! You have been chosen to represent Forestville Tennis at the TBTA INVITATIONAL on the 16th of September! For those that didn't make the team the Forestville Tennis Spring Championships will take place on the 11th of November!

Previous Events

Forestville Tennis - Autumn Championships - 27/5/2018

On Sunday May 27 FTC hosted the inaugural Autumn Championships. Open to anyone who has played at Forestville Tennis Centre over the past 5 years the Championships were selecting ground for our Representative Teams to play in the TBTA INVITATIONAL (Forestville will take on 7 other clubs in the North of Sydney). Over 65 players entered 4 events across Red, Orange, Green & Yellow ball.; Here are the results from the day. 

8 & Under Red Ball (8-10am)

1stposition: Matari Webster, 2ndDarren Lin, 3rdJonas Satterthwaite, 4thHenry Stone, 5thWill Arthur, 6thLachlan Jensen, 7thElijah De-Fina, 8thHiren Mathani. Reserves: 1stMitchell Tapper, 2nd Matheus Wong. 

10 & Under Orange Ball (10am-1pm)

1stposition: Olivia Byers, 2ndAidan Geiger, 3rdMatias Ponce, 4thLachlan Tapper, 5thNicolas Walther, 6thReuben Rappoport, 7thDiego Andrade, 8thZara Dielbon. Reserves: 1stHugo Mason-Jones, 2ndAdam Mountain. 

12 & Under Green Ball (1-4pm)

1stposition: Noah Miller, 2ndTom Ryan, 3rdJack Hird, 4thFreya Lugg, 5thSophia Booker, 6thAnna Colqhoun 7thJake Schendel, 8thLucas Wong, Reserves: 1stMarty Harvey, 2nd Bradley Ning. 

16 & Under Yellow Ball (4-7pm)

1stposition: Lawrence Moore, 2ndLachlan Gilroy, 3rdBenjamin Casey, 4thGeoff Qin, 5thTom Gordon, 6thBenjamin Hackney, 7thSven Willett, 8thShannon Mcknight. Reserves: 1stCallum Edmiston, 2nd Connor Lambert. 

Thank you to all players that competed on the day, we loved seeing you on the court and we hope that you enjoyed competing. 

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  • The facility boasts 6 beautifully maintained artificial grasscourts with floodlights
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